3 Ways To Feed The Body Without Food

3 ways to feed the mind body and soul without food

A lot of times when we experience cravings our body is actually hungry for something other than food. So though we love our cheat meals here there are ways other than through eating, in which we can feed the body. That’s why we here at The Cheat Menu came up with 3 ways to feed the body without food!

Why Is This Important

If you haven’t figured it out already or if you’re new to this site THE CHEAT MENU is a clever disguise for something actually very important to our bodies. It is a fun way of referring to the necessary cheat meals which actually improve metabolism and help the body recover, for those living an active lifestyle. Now it goes without saying there is a right and a wrong way to cheat. But stick around this site long enough, or just listen to what your gut tells you and you can figure that out quite easily. Now why it’s important to feed the body without food actually aligns with this concept. That is that our bodies communicate to us quite often and quite clearly if we just listen. And by feeding the mind and soul through stimulating, pleasurable and/or relaxing activities we are also answering certain “hungers” of the body.

Learn Something New

The benefits of learning something new have been documented all over the internet and on books before that, and through word of mouth and observation, before that. However, a lot of these statements do not point out how immersing in such a fun and exciting challenge actually staves off unnecessary hunger! Yes, we easily replace cravings of curiosity and urges of learning with cravings of food and urges of binging! So check out some of the ways you can feed your body without food by learning something new:

1. Learn a new language.
2. Take up lessons in a sport you’re not very good at.
3. Enroll in dance classes.
4. Enroll for online degrees or certifications.
5. Challenge yourself to master one video game, particularly an online game where you compete against other people.


Dedicate A Block Of Time For Relaxation

When our body talks to us we usually don’t listen. It takes time to learn how to listen to what our body is telling us. But a quick tip for those who feel as though they are consistently overeating (much different from our planned cheat meals here on The Cheat Menu), usually this means your body is telling you it hungers for something other than food. Whether that be craving for adventure, excitement, pleasure, or relaxation it is important to recognize that and then take action. And whether you can commit a whole day or even just twenty minutes a week, it is important for your health, body, and wellness to dedicate a block of time for relaxation. Check out the following for some ideas:

1. Read more books.
2. Catch up on a favorite series.
3. Walk alone in nature.
4. Start a morning meditation ritual.
5. Get a massage or go to a spa.


Laugh More

It sounds easy but we often struggle to do so. A lot of times it takes a conscious effort to laugh more and to let go of all the b.s. dragging us down! However, it is said, and for good reason, that laughter is the best medicine. And there is no better alternative to feeding the body than laughter. It can be relatively inexpensive, highly accessible and for the most part guilt-free! Check out the following to get your laugh on:

1. Make an effort to hang out more with the people who make you laugh.
2. Go to comedy shows.
3. Search for funny videos on YouTube.
4. Reflect on times in your life that were funny, or that you can look back on now and laugh.
5. Learn to take things less seriously and to laugh at your own misfortunes or shortcomings.

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