5 Tips For Overindulging

How To Overindulge And Get Away With It

If you are anything like me you work hard in and out of the gym to look the way you do. However, if you are like me you also love to pig out every now and then. So I thought I’d share my 5 tips for overindulging. Now I think it goes without saying that every occasion out should not equate to an overindulgent experience. But for the instances they do, these 5 tips will guarantee you get out of the experience with no regrets.

First Off It Is Okay To Overindulge

When guilt sets in during these moments of overindulgence we tend to do even more. What is worse is when we feel guilty while we are eating we tend to stuff the food into our stomachs quicker. Supposedly in an attempt to just get the “sins” over with. So the first tip when overindulging is to accept that fact that you are doing it and just enjoy it. Even better is if you can plan ahead for those moments. That way you can be mentally and physically, even emotionally prepared to eat more than usual.

Secondly Be Conscious Of The Way You Eat

As I had said in the previous tip, eat slowly and ENJOY this moment of overindulgence. Use all your senses to truly appreciate this glorious cheat meal, cheat day or whatever the case may be. By eating slower you allow the brain to keep pace with the stomach. Therefore you will recognize much sooner when you arrive at the point of fullness. Now I usually recommend to the clients of my health coaching services to eat to 80% – 90% fullness. However, when it comes to overindulgence you are surely going to go past that percentage. Let’s say you are at a buffet or any pre-planned (or unplanned) moment of overeating. And you recognize you will go past 90% fullness. Eating slowly will make sure you don’t go too far past as opposed to if you were to stuff your face as quickly as possible. And all the other conscious points of effort, the smelling and touching of your food will help you to focus on more than just appetite. Those seemingly little mental notes go a long way, especially in the LONG RUN.

Third Recognize Your Current State Of Mind & Soul

There is such a huge connection behind overindulgence or overeating and what’s going on with us mentally, emotionally and physically. Now this tip, along with all the other tips apply also when we are NOT overindulging. Recognizing your current state of mind before and during your meals will give you a better understanding of your appetite. And that allows you to better adapt to the situation. It is extremely easy to go past a reasonable point of overindulgence based on our current mood. From being too sad to too happy, to getting caught up in the moment it is very useful to know what we are feeling. And more importantly to not allow those feelings to manifest in bad eating actions/habits.

Fourth Enjoy The Moment

While we did touch on getting caught up in a certain moment it is still important to ENJOY the moment. This tied in with conscious eating and all the other tips laid out here will allow for a guilt-free “overindulgence” moment. Enjoying the moment means taking a step back in all actuality. It means not obsessing over one or two things. For a lot of us it is easy to obsess over the “eating” aspect of these moments. However, enjoying the moment for everything else is another small yet profound way to help us overindulge the RIGHT way. And again this applies to not just our indulgent moments. This applies to every meal. That means enjoying the company you’re in, the quietness when you’re alone, the scenery, the weather, etc. Because in this modern day age, most of us are not eating just to survive. We are actually feeding more than just our hunger. And if you can feed yourself in other ways you will be less likely to feed those “desires” with more food than you should.

Fifth Understand What Overindulgence Means To You

To wrap up these 5 tips, the fifth is the icing on the cake. By understanding what overindulgence, or anything else you have on your cheat menu really means to you than you will never actually overindulge in anything. For instance, for me overindulgence means I’m going to eat a little more than I usually do, or I’m going to eat something out of the ordinary. It also means at times I’m going to eat a favorite dish or meal of mine that I usually don’t because of my normal routine. Whatever the case may be for you, understanding that overindulgence does not mean overload changes your perspective on how and when you overeat. In the end, as long as you are enjoying both the moment and the consequences of that moment, your overindulgent moments are actually a good thing. And these 5 tips for overindulging will make sure you achieve such balance!

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