A Cheat Weekend In Houston

A cheat weekend in Houston with Filipino and Mexican food

I figured the first post of The Cheat Menu had to go off with a bang, so I had a Cheat WEEKEND in Houston. Not one cheat day, but TWO…in a row! I myself live in the suburbs of Dallas but I trekked my way down to Houston for the weekend for one thing. FOOD. And it was one type of food in particular that I had my heart set on this cheat weekend. Filipino food. As expected that wasn’t all I ate though!

Why A Cheat Weekend In Houston

As crazy as this may sound, this giant metroplex I live in called the Dallas-Fort Worth Area (DFW) is lacking any good Filipino restaurants. Trust me, I’ve tried them all. They’re either over priced, offer very little selection, taste terrible, or all of the above. However Houston is where it’s at.

So this weekend I decided I was going to hit up my favorite Filipino spot in H-Town, Best Of Filipiniana Too.

Cheat Weekend In Houston
In Front of Best Of Filipiniana Too

And I, along with my parents did just that! It started with an early Saturday morning departure from Dallas, arriving at the Filipino buffet restaurant in North Houston. There we met up with our fellow Dallasite friends and dug in.

What Filipiniana Too Has Too Offer & What We Ate

Oh I’m sooo ready to eat!
All you can eat mussels anyone?!

Like I said a lot of Filipino restaurants around the DFW (and around the country) offer a small selection of food. However Filipiniana Too offers around 30 to 40 dishes, with lunch starting as early as 11:00 am. Sunday has an even larger offering as they rotate additional dishes into their buffet line throughout the day. Filipino delicacies from various parts of the motherland are offered in the line up. Well known dishes such as Sinigang and Dinuguan are of course on the menu. There are also tons of other lesser known dishes which are personal favorites of mine. These include Bikol Express, Pinapaitan, and Lechon!

Unexpected But Amazing Find For Dinner

Spread At Ostioneria Michoacan was quite the find
Oysters, Red Snapper, Tilapia & Shrimp At Ostioneria Michoacan
Red Snapper
Red Snapper up close

This cheat day weekend was made even better as we were searching for dinner options on Google and came across Ostioneria Michoacan. The reviews advised we should know how to speak Spanish and they weren’t kidding. And I love places like that because I know that means their food is going to be authentic. And it truly was. Not like my Spanish is any good, but this place reminded me of one of my life goals that I have to get back to working on. That’s a different story for another day though. Let me tell you about the food here at Ostioneria. They have seafood cooked to perfection using different types of chiles and spices that will make your taste buds dance! The service was extremely chill and the staff was hospitable and playful.

We Had To Go One More Round At Best Of Filipiniana Too

Lechon & Bicol Express
Round 1 Day 2
Fried Balut
Fried Balut up close
A small sample of the large variety of offerings at Filipiniana Too

We aren’t the only ones that do this, but many Filipinos visit Houston for the weekend just to hit up Filipiniana Too. And if they are like us they eat there each day they are there! So on day two or our last day of this cheat weekend we went over to Filipiniana Too for ROUND two. As stated earlier, Sunday has even MORE dishes so we got to enjoy two different kinds of Lechon. Also there were some dishes I had not seen before there such as Fried Balut and Calamari Rice (blackened by the ink).


As we say here at The Cheat Menu, we believe in living a balanced lifestyle. You workout, you take care of your body, and your diet for about 80 percent of the time is well portioned and “healthy”. However you HAVE to have your cheat days, as it allows you to feed more than just your body! As long as you do it right, and obviously not everyday, a cheat day or in this case a cheat weekend will not be detrimental to your fit lifestyle. On the contrary it will allow you to sustain what you are doing much more effectively. That’s all for today on the menu, but we’ll be coming out with more very soon!

Let us know how your cheat day or cheat weekend is going in the comments below and how you indulge!

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