A Simple Guide To Cheating On Your Diet

keep it simple when cheating on your diet with this guide

Cheating on your diet should be easy, not hard. It should be fun, yet we humans like to complicate things. So I decided to create a simple guide to cheating on your diet. Now, this guide is obviously for those who love to eat yet also take pride in their physique. Is the best of both worlds truly possible? I’m here to tell you it is, and this guide to cheating on your diet will show you how.

The Foundation

The first and most important part of this cheat guide is that you actually have to be cheating. What I’m stressing here is that for the most part, you must be actually eating healthy and working out regularly. Otherwise, you’re not actually cheating on anything! You can see what my regular routine looks like, which allows me to indulge in my cheat days guilt-free! However, more so than that they actually work together to allow me to achieve my fitness and body goals. That’s because it allows for balance in my life. Cheat days also equate to pleasure which is important for our bodies, regardless of what physique we are trying to achieve.

The Mindest

As I said earlier I like to view my cheat days as pleasing my body. Actually, these cheat days also restore the body. The mindset here is not to feel guilty about what you’re doing here. You need to remember your body actually needs this. With that said you can’t be cheating on your diet 4 or 5 days a week! We’ll get more into how I space my cheat days out here in a little bit. But I want to reiterate that the mindset for this cheat guide is simple. It’s that you need to refuel your body for the active lifestyle you are living. There really is a temptation out there to eat too little and over train too much. And that is the whole idea or mindset behind The Cheat Menu, to infuse these refuel/cheat meals into our routine. And most importantly we should be having fun with our cheat meals, no guilt here!

The Guide

To help us have guilt-free fun with these cheat meals we should follow this simple guide to cheating on our diet.
First, make sure the foundation for your health and fitness is set. That means 80% of the time you eat clean. Also, you live an active lifestyle.
Second, you maintain the mindset mentioned above. There is no guilt here as we are ENJOYING the refueling process of our body.
Third, we are conscious when we eat. We can be enjoying an In-N-Out burger, Chinese buffet or a giant Ribeye, but we are paying attention to our body. Yes, we are there to eat A LOT or more than usual, but not to the point that we are hurting! Also, we are eating slowly and enjoying every bit of it, from the smell to the texture to the taste.
Fourth, when refueling on your cheat days there should be an emphasis on more carbs as your body needs more energy. Fifth, although the emphasis may be on more carbs what is more important is that you are eating something you truly enjoy. You worked hard for this, you deserve it!
Fifth, although the emphasis may be on more carbs what is more important is that you are eating something you truly enjoy. You worked hard for this, you deserve it!
Sixth, have fun! Did I mention that already? Probably, but this is the most important part. You are refueling more than just your body. Your “spirit” and “soul”, or your emotional well being and your psyche are also being refueled here.


In the end, as I had stated earlier cheating on your diet is simple. We like to complicate things by making ourselves feel guilty at times when we shouldn’t. The human brain can be irrational at times. It can lead us to believe we have to starve ourselves and at the same time overwork ourselves. But if we think logically we can see that our body will only go as far as we fuel it. Yes, we are putting our bodies through a lot and yes we are achieving great things. However, in order to maintain such progress, these cheat meals and cheat days must be incorporated into our routine. Without them, we can easily fall. Deprivation will lead us to do crazy things, such as falling into a week long binge. And from there, depending on one’s psyche, it is easy to continue falling until one is far removed from their body and fitness progress. So let’s keep it simple and enjoy our cheat days! Not only are they fun and tasty…they play a huge role in achieving our fitness goals!

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