how cheat meals benefit you plus links to more research

Yes, you heard that right, cheat meals actually benefit your health and fitness. Hence the entire idea behind The Cheat Menu. You see, as a certified health and wellness coach and fitness enthusiast, I understand how important it is to incorporate cheat meals into our diet. These meals allow us to recover and reinvigorate our body and mind. And on an emotional and psychological level, cheat meals provide motivation and

On the menu for today's cheat meal is my purple halo-halo recipe

Some of y’all may have heard of halo-halo but I put a twist on mine by making it a purely PURPLE halo-halo. I keep it simple, all the ingredients are either clear, white or purple, so when mixed it creates a purple halo-halo. Hence the name! Now those who will enjoy this mix probably prefer simple and subtle flavors that compliment each other well and combine for a sweet yet

the normal routine when i'm not cheating

Here on The Cheat Menu we love our cheat days! Of course, there is no cheating without something to cheat on. So let’s get into the normal routine that I partake in when I’m not cheating.   It Starts With What I Eat   It actually starts with breakfast. Or it actually starts when I wake up. First thing’s first, a tall glass of water. Then some fiber. My usual

3 ways to feed the mind body and soul without food

A lot of times when we experience cravings our body is actually hungry for something other than food. So though we love our cheat meals here there are ways other than through eating, in which we can feed the body. That’s why we here at The Cheat Menu came up with 3 ways to feed the body without food!   Why Is This Important   If you haven’t figured it