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how to cheat on your diet when at the buffet line

Okay so you’re at a buffet, no worries it’s a cheat day! However, you can further improve upon achieving your weight-loss or physique goals by cheating at the buffet the RIGHT WAY! As you know here on The Cheat Menu we are all about our cheat days because we know our fitness is all about balance. Quite frankly there would be no balance if we ate clean all day every

How To Overindulge And Get Away With It

If you are anything like me you work hard in and out of the gym to look the way you do. However, if you are like me you also love to pig out every now and then. So I thought I’d share my 5 tips for overindulging. Now I think it goes without saying that every occasion out should not equate to an overindulgent experience. But for the instances they

The Perfect Ice Cream For Staying Fit - Halo Top

If you are anything like me, then ice cream is high on your list of cheat foods. And if you are anything like me you know ice cream is not the way towards a healthy and fit body. However, there is the perfect ice cream for staying fit, cheat day or not! And that ice cream is HALO TOP by Eden Creamery LLC. I’m not saying you can’t have ice