Recipes for our favorite past time, Cheat Meals!

Try These Beef Ribs On Your Next Cheat Day

On the menu today are my cheat day beef ribs. Not only will these ribs satisfy your appetite, they will also rejuvenate your mind and spirit. That is because they are juicy, tender and full of flavor. Of course, it’s cheat day, so they’re a bit indulgent. But you’re gonna burn the calories tomorrow anyways! Right?   Equipment You Will Need   The only equipment you will need for this

On the menu for today's cheat meal is my purple halo-halo recipe

Some of y’all may have heard of halo-halo but I put a twist on mine by making it a purely PURPLE halo-halo. I keep it simple, all the ingredients are either clear, white or purple, so when mixed it creates a purple halo-halo. Hence the name! Now those who will enjoy this mix probably prefer simple and subtle flavors that compliment each other well and combine for a sweet yet