How To Cheat On Your Diet At A Buffet

how to cheat on your diet when at the buffet line

Okay so you’re at a buffet, no worries it’s a cheat day! However, you can further improve upon achieving your weight-loss or physique goals by cheating at the buffet the RIGHT WAY! As you know here on The Cheat Menu we are all about our cheat days because we know our fitness is all about balance. Quite frankly there would be no balance if we ate clean all day every day for our entire life! So let’s get into how to cheat on your diet when you are eating at your next buffet of choice.

First Off What Is So Enticing About Buffets

Eating at a buffet can mean different things to different people. However, for most of us, buffets represent a chance to OVER indulge. There is a huge selection of food usually, and of course, there is an unlimited amount as to how much you are allowed to eat. You pay one price which means you save money compared to most a-la-carte style dining experiences. And that is perhaps the most enticing factor when people consider eating at a buffet. And it is that reason that people want to eat WAY more than they need to. Perhaps way more than they REALLY want to. So if we simply change our perspective on these all you can eat establishments we can easily cheat on our diet while still indulging!

How To Look At All You Can Eat Buffets

Regardless if you are eating at a Korean BBQ, a Las Vegas style buffet, or a Cici’s Pizza, the concept is going to be the same. Look at these all you can eat places as a chance to indulge in variety of quantity! I threw away the notion of “eating as much as I can” at buffets a long time ago. Don’t get me wrong, I’m definitely there to eat more than usual. But more so I’m there to savor as many different flavors as possible. Another perspective I’ve changed is that “eating as much as I can makes it a better value”. My overall health now and in the future is much more valuable than what’s in my wallet. Furthermore, a cheat day such as days at an all-you-can-eat is a once or twice a week occurrence, not a regular thing. So I’m already saving money because for the most part, I eat at home, fairly clean but most importantly balanced.
See how I eat and work out on a regular basis and how it affords me to not only indulge on my cheat days but to stay fit and looking good all year round!

The Simple Steps To Eating At A Buffet On Your Cheat Day

First off, change your perspective as explained above. Secondly, eat slowly. When I indulge in my food these days I’m not stuffing my mouth as fast as I can. I’m smelling my food, appreciating the look, taste and texture of it all. Third, I’m grabbing small portions of each item. If I find something I really like then I’ll eat more of that food item and less of something else. The fourth step, I’m having fun. That means I’m laughing, talking and enjoying the moment. Whether that mean the people and conversations around me, or if I’m alone the observations I make and the sights and sounds I experience. The fifth and final step, I’m listening to my body. Because I’m eating slowly and paying attention to my body I know when I’m getting full. When we eat too quickly it is easy to eat past the point of fullness. Once I’m feeling full I scope the scene for my final plate, usually a small portion of dessert or fruit. And it’s that simple, I’ve had my cheat day at the buffet but I’ve actually accomplished something greater. A balanced routine…a balanced diet.

Some Extra Tips For Eating At A Buffet

It helps if you know what you really like and don’t like. Don’t waste your “stomach space” on foods you don’t really like. Just because it will fill you up is not a good enough reason to put it in your mouth. If that were the case you shouldn’t be at a buffet! Also, you should look at your personal fitness activities. Are you more of a cardio person, then perhaps you should indulge in more carbs on your next all-you-can-eat trip. Me personally I do both body building and cardio, however, I indulge more in protein based foods when I’m at a buffet. I cut out the rice and slices of bread, etc. Except when eating sushi of course! Now this will all vary as you may be going through periods of “bulking” or “cutting”. Or you may never go through any periods of the sort. Whatever the case may be, it’s really just about listening to your body and enjoying the moment. The rest will fall into place!


In the end, a cheat day is a vital part of feeding the soul. Pleasure is important for the body and over deprivation only leads to destruction! So enjoy your cheat days. Especially the ones spent at the buffet line or the all-you-can-eat restaurants. You work hard and you eat clean through the week so you deserve to cheat on your diet at the buffet. And as long as you do it the RIGHT way, you’ve got nothing to worry about. More so you’ve got something to rejoice!

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