Cheat Meals Actually Benefit Your Health And Fitness

how cheat meals benefit you plus links to more research

Yes, you heard that right, cheat meals actually benefit your health and fitness. Hence the entire idea behind The Cheat Menu. You see, as a certified health and wellness coach and fitness enthusiast, I understand how important it is to incorporate cheat meals into our diet. These meals allow us to recover and reinvigorate our body and mind. And on an emotional and psychological level, cheat meals provide motivation and pleasure, desperately needed by active bodies. So let’s go over some of the benefits cheat meals provide to your health and fitness.

Cheat Meals Boost Your Metabolism

When your body starts adapting to your workout routine, it adjusts respectively. That means the harder you push yourself, the more drained the body becomes. It takes energy to burn energy! By that we mean your metabolism can not run on fumes. So you can not burn calories, without energy. Of course, energy for the body is derived from calories. And for most of us living the fit life we are often times taxing the body beyond our budget. So we have to “reinvest”, or add extra calories to boost our metabolism. And a cheat meal does exactly that! You can learn more about how it does this by reading about the 90/10 rule and how cheat meals actually boost your metabolism and help you lose weight.

Cheat Meals Are Actually Part Of The Weight Cutting Process

For anyone who has had to cut weight, either for aesthetics, sports, body building, etc., a planned cheat meal once a week is crucial during the cutting process. We touched on it a bit in the paragraph before this, but not only do these cheat meals help you lose weight, they actually help you get ripped! This is not bro science, this is actual science. The body does store extra fat when it feels it needs to, due to deprivation. When we are cutting weight, that is exactly what our body is going through. So that weekly or bi-weekly cheat meal, again boosts the metabolism, and allows us to burn up stored fat in our body. With proper exercise and diet throughout the rest of the week, all this creates the perfect formula for a ripped and toned body!


In the end, a cheat meal is not only beneficial to one’s health and fitness, it is also a fun and effective way to keep the body progressing. Of course there is a right and wrong way to do this. Cheat meals can’t be done everyday, and each body is different, so each person must cheat according to their limitations. You can find out more about
the art and science of cheat meals by clicking here. And when you’re ready for your next cheat meal don’t forget to check out one of our recipes On The Menu. Let us know how cheat meals have helped you achieve your fitness goals in the comment section below!

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