Purple Halo-Halo

On the menu for today's cheat meal is my purple halo-halo recipe

Some of y'all may have heard of halo-halo but I put a twist on mine by making it a purely PURPLE halo-halo. I keep it simple, all the ingredients are either clear, white or purple, so when mixed it creates a purple halo-halo. Hence the name! Now those who will enjoy this mix probably prefer simple and subtle flavors that compliment each other well and combine for a sweet yet refreshing treat. Unlike other halo-halo's you may find, this one is not all jumbled up with every ingredient possible. I find those mixtures to be all over the place, where as this purple halo-halo uses just the right ingredients, nothing more and nothing less!

Equipment You Will Need

Aside from a spoon and bowl, and perhaps an ice cream scooper, the only equipment you need is an ice shaver. There are tons of great ice shavers on the market and as with all products, there are some not so great ones. Let me tell you about some of the good ones. I personally use a Geeben Ice Shaver which I purchased at H-Mart. For the life of me I can't find the link to at their online store. So I'll suggest a few other shaves which are highly rated and that I have tried at one time or another.


Hawaiin Shaved Ice S7000

The Hawaiin Shaved Ice s7000 would be on the top of my list in terms of best value for your money. It is identical to my Geeben, aside from the names. It's semi-automatic, in that you simply have to turn the top and hold it in that position until the desired amount of shaved ice is produced. The shaver is easy to use and is kid safe. And the clean up is easy and it doesn't take up a lot of space. Most importantly the ice is shaved to perfection, nice and thin just like snow.


Manual Snow Cone Maker by VICTORIO VKP1101

The Manual Snow Cone Maker by VICTORIO VKP1101 is a manual shaved ice machine that is a few dollars cheaper than the HSI S7000 mentioned above. What's cool about this shaved ice machine other than it's lower price point is it has adjustable blades. This allows the user to customize his/her shaved ice according to their needs. It also includes 3 stackable ice molds with lids. That right there makes the price an even better value.


Koval Inc. Heavy Duty Stainless Steel Ice Shaver

The Koval Inc. Heavy Duty Stainless Steel Ice Shaver would be considered the Rolls-Royce of at home shaved ice machines. Still small enough to be considered portable, yet it is certainly a professional, commercial grade piece of equipment. If you have the cash to burn and you want something that will last for YEARS and can shave 143lbs of ice per hour, then this is the machine for you! You'll be making halo-halo (and any other shaved ice dessert) for the entire neighborhood in no time with this bad boy! What's great about this ice shaver is that you can use ice cubes straight from the fridge. Other commercial grade ice shavers usually require whole blocks of ice.

Ingredients For The Purple Halo-Halo

Aside from ice cubes for the shaved ice, we will need only 4 ingredients. Of course this is halo-halo, which means you can pick and choose your ingredients as you please. However, if you will like to make it purple just like mine, with an emphasis on that Ube (purple yam) flavor, then you should use all of the following ingredients. All of these ingredients can be found at your local Asian grocery store, such as H-Mart or Ranch 99. I've linked all the ingredients below, except one to Amazon for those who don't have a nearby grocer and need to order online. The ice cream needed for this is still not available to order on Amazon, but I linked it to the one online place I could find.


Ube (Purple Yam) Jam

Ube (Purple Yam) Jam is a sweet tasting paste that adds a unique flavor and consistency to our purple halo-halo. Although we will also be including ube ice cream in the mix, the flavors are not redundant, rather they reinforce each other quite nicely. This jam is also great for baking many popular Filipino dessert items. All servings will depend on preference, however, for a normal bowl of halo-halo I suggest one healthy tablespoon full of ube jam.


Evaporated Milk

Aside from the shaved ice, the evaporated milk would be considered the main component of the halo-halo recipe. Although the flavor is subtle and unsweet, it is the texture of the evaporated milk and the way it mixes with the ice that makes halo-halo what it is. This item can easily be found at ANY grocery store, not just an Asian market. Again, the amount of shaved ice one puts into a bowl depends on preference. However, if you were to fill your bowl up with shaved ice, one or two healthy "glugs" of evaporated milk will suffice. You want it to mix with the ice, without it taking drowning the ice.


Coconut Jelly

Coconut Jelly is clear so it will not take away from the "purple" aspect of our halo-halo. Traditionally, people use other fruit jelly's in their halo-halo that combines both coconut jelly and red beans, etc. If you prefer that way you can find that mix by clicking here. I like the coconut jelly in this halo-halo because again it further compliments the flavor of the mixture. I personally have had quite a few halo-halo's where there is just too much going on in the mix.


Ube Ice Cream

The icing on the cake, or in this instance the ice cream on the shaved ice, is ube ice cream. Perhaps my favorite flavor of ice cream other than Blue Bell's Vanilla flavor, Magnolia's Ube Ice Cream actually goes great by itself. But when added to our purple halo-halo it makes the dish a star! Not only does it create the all purple look when mixed in, it goes so well with the shaved ice and condensed milk mixture. I prefer to put two large scoops of this ice cream into my bowl of halo-halo.

Putting It All Together

Start off by filling a bowl with cubed ice. Insert that bowl of ice into your ice shaver. Pour as much coconut jelly as you'd like into your now empty bowl. Then shave the ice in the ice shaver, onto your bowl, covering your coconut jelly. From there you simply add the evaporated milk, a scoop of the ube jam and then a scoop or two of the ube ice cream. It's that easy!

How To Enjoy It

Preferably on a hot summer day or evening. Of course, halo-halo just like ice cream or shaved ice can be enjoyed however and whenever you please. It's your life, I'm just meddling in it! I personally think this purple halo-halo is a great dessert to serve at a get-together or party. Especially if you are throwing a purpled themed or purple inspired celebration! However you enjoy it, let us know in the comments below, and don't forget to @thecheatmenuig when you post your pics on Instagram!

I only used the coconut jelly portion of this mix, which is why you see nothing on top, but everything else is still in the bottle.


Evaporated milk, use freely but make sure not to drown the ice!
I can eat spoonfuls of Ube Halaya on its own, but adding into the halo-halo is even better.
"Magnolia" Ube Ice Cream or purple yam ice cream is addicting, let me warn you right now!
My trusty ice shaver!
The final product, shaved ice, coconut jelly (I use just the coconut jelly, no beans, etc.), evaporated milk, ube halaya, and ube ice cream.
A closer look of the purple halo-halo.
Yummy and perfect for your cheat meal days or cheat meal celebrations. Don't worry about the calories, it's mostly shaved ice (okay but seriously you work out anyways right?)!

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